How Easy Is To Make An App With Mobidonia

How Easy Is To Make An App With

Nowadays, almost everyone has a Smartphone with them with the help of which one can download any app and get constant updates. If you have your own business or a company then it is highly recommendable to create an app for your own company. With the help of a mobile app builder mobidonia, everyone is a developer. You can create your own app within 15 to 20 minutes for your business and get closer to your clients. The process is quite easy and totally free of any kind of hassles and complications.

Steps To Build An App

It is extremely easy to make an app with the help of this app builder. You need to follow few steps and get the perfect looking app for iPhone, iPad, and Android users. Here are the steps to get your app done:

1. Open the site and get started by either login into your account. If you are new to this and have not yet created any, then register for the After that login to the account. From here you are going to start creating an app for your business.

2. An interface will appear where you have to choose a unique name for your app and get it started. The name has to something related to your company as it will appear with that name in the Google Play Store or App Store.

3. After selecting the name of the app, you have to select the type of navigation. This will be the layout of your app and you need to choose the best one according to your need. You can also modify this later on according to your preference for your business.

4. After this, you have to select what kind of app you are making with the help of the mobile app builder. This will help the user to know the category of your app. You can choose anything between TV, Radio, business, blog, mShop app etc.

5. After all these, comes the pricing system. Here, you can choose the one which you will like to use. The new users will be given a 30 days trial which is really great for you to know more about this. You can even check whether or not it really works for you. The starter pack is for $ 38.00 per month, the premium pack is $ 48.00 per month and the Maximum pack is $ 780.00 for 2 years. You can check the various facilities and features of these packages and choose the one which is beneficial for you.

6. Then click on download from Google Play and check how it works. You can even customize it on your own to get a better appearance of the app. Here you can adjust many things.

7. In the dashboard, you have to select the “section menu” first and you will see Gallery, News, Videos, and Contents section. You can choose and add different options to, remove any from there, change the name of the sections and also you can arrange according to your need. It is very simple and easy to do. It doesn’t take much time as well.

8. You can click on the News’ section and add a resource link from where people will get all the feeds. Make sure the link you are providing will work great. Next for the gallery, you can add your Facebook, Google+, Flickr or Instagram account. In the mobile app when one will open the gallery, they can find all the pictures from that particular account. You can also rename of the section as About Us’ and give the description of your company or business. This will help the person to know more about your company from the app itself. The users do not have to open the web in order to enlighten themselves.

9. Next is the most important thing i.e. Contacts’. It is better to provide each and every detail about your contacts. These include Facebook, Twitter, Phone Number, Email Address, Webpage and Office Address, whichever you think is necessary to provide.

10. After this comes the Appearance’ which you need to change according to your company color. You need to add your company logo here and a High Definition image of your company background in order to create the app background. Change the other colors too like text, headers, list colors etc. Making an attractive and tidy look will attract many users.

Benefits Of Using

Following these above-mentioned 10 steps only, you can make excellent and easy to use the app with attractive colors as well as important information. With the help of this mobile app builder, you do not have to hire any developer. This will save you money too. You can make an app even in less than 30 minutes. So, obviously it will save your time a lot too. You can so many features at such an affordable price which makes it the best buy for you. You can even manage and update the app from the cloud-based platform of

Even you can become a seller and create some beautiful apps for your clients and sell them. Mobidonia is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to start you app building the business. There are many small businesses and companies that want to create their own apps but are not able to do it. If you are one such person, then you can take the help of this excellent app builder and get your job done.

Final Words
It is extremely easy to build an app with this mobile app builder as you will not have to know any codes or anything related to developing an app. You just have to choose your preferences one by one and upload the logo and background as mentioned above. The rest of the work will be automatically done by This is really amazing and also fast enough. Now everyone can have their own app for their business without paying much. The apps that are created by this Mobidonia is quite easy to navigate and use. You will get all the options and features that you need for building a perfect app for your business.

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